Updated 19th May 2008

Born in the Forties I from Bristol and Marlene from Glamorgan South Wales. We both grew up in Bristol (see separate page) met in about 1965 Married in 1969. Soon after became one of the last 10 pound migrants to Australia.

We now of course since 1972 reside under the Southern Cross in Australia. Home of the 2000 Olympic Games, New Vogue Dancing, Koala's Kangaroos the largest variaties of parrots in the world and the worlds Best Harbor. Errol Flyn, Nelly Melba, Speedo's, Mel Gibson, Paul Hogan, Don Bradman.


We, believe it or not where married in 1969 not to many people noticed the occasion as it was also the year of the first Moon landing. The first picture below is Marlene & I in 1969 next at the same 14th century church in Blaise Castle (Henbury) Bristol 30 years later. I know the picture is small but you can click on it for a larger view. The latter pick taken in 1998 on our home coming trip.


 Here is a recent picture of our 4 generations together. Taken at Woy Woy about 100 Klms North of Sydney and Home of Marlenes Father Don and Wife Mary. Here we see all of us including little Alec.


  I must mention at this point another family member with us for over 14 years. The horrible, smelly, flea ridden, pooing, pee every where, noisy, useless but secretly loved little doggy Bouncer. He passed on on February 1st 2003.

Oh, Thanks to Ken at Rooty Hill he informes me that 'Vale' is from the latin "farewell".