13th May 2008



These two wonderful folk came into our lives in about 1974, we where two

fairly recent arrivals with no real family like brothers, sisters, Aunts, Uncles or parents to

with which to share our lives. Dave and I met at GEC Auburn and soon became mates

though he was many years my senior. Both he and Doreen where Welsh and welcomed Marlene

and I into their homes. They where there at the Birth of our son David and became like

proud grandparents. Julia their daughter along with her husband John also became our friends .

Never have I felt the wrench of loss so much as I did at the passing of this skinny Welsh

bloke for he died just prior to the birth of Ross in 1979 too soon, too soon.

The lovely, homely, welcome to my bosom Doreen passed on only a few years ago

they both are together at Lane Cove Cemetery.

For all the outings, birthdays, births, BBQ's, Christmases, and joys thank you both.



 Happy times, above are the afore mentioned Julia & John Adlington along

with their sons Scott top left with J & J and Scott and his family Wife Melissa

and Daughter Meghan on the right.

The lower picture us with them and Doreen about 1982 or 83 perhaps we will never know.

Thank you both for your valued friendship and being there.


Lorrane & Bill Lang

 Our mountains neighbors and stuck with us since our desertion.

Lorrane has been a good close friend

to Marlene always there when needed for a chat and a giggle.

She looks good as well seeing that she is much older than I.

Lorrane is partially responsible for us having the dog that is why she is

more Marlenes friend than mine..........

Thank you for every thing Lor.....





One could not be closer than our families over the last almost 30 years.

Dave and I worked together, became friends introduced me to the ever patient wonderful Jo, his wife. Our children where born at approximately the same time though of opposite gender. Two loverly girls

Shelly & Suzy shared a lot of times with Dave and Ross.

Dave like an Uncle to my two boys is a unique sort of bloke always

with something interesting to say. I have valued your friendship over

the years life would not have been the same without you both.

The picture above is a collage featuring the Recent graduation off Constable Susan Gill, includes her class & Family.

Proud parents and  a beautiful young lady. From old friends congratulations Suzy.





Bob Robertsb.jpg

Norma Robertsb.jpg


 Bob was my boss and soon became a good friend though a lovable rouge.

Married to the wonderful Norma a gem who also cooked good old pommie bread pudding for me.

Bob is no longer with us as his weakness probably put an end to him in the end.

When I was at rock bottom he visited me shortly before he died and said don't give up mate,

he gave me a plaque that I still keep today, "I won't give up Bob"

Norma we have lost touch but thank you also for being our friends.


Kathy & Phil Leese


Not many people know that Kathy and I are actually twins(non Identical)

If you look closely Kathy is actually a couple of inches shorter than me.

We where also born one day and one year apart, mother was very tired and it was the last time she voted labor.

Phil and I are also related as his mother was a Bayley. Perhaps this explains

my tick and Phils impediment. Though most folk do not realize that Phil has a treble clef. He has been going for electrocution lessons and it has almost fixed the problem.

But now is the time to say thank you to two very special Dancing and personal friends.



This very special talented lady, friend and confident has given me special joy over a good many years . I do not take that valued friendship for granted and adding her to this list is a must.

Thank you my Cinderella.