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How to Win on Poker Machines 1
How to Win on Poker Machines 2

An Australian Poker machine is simply a computer program
based on a few simple rules returning approximately between
85 and 97% to the player. Now this is important it
means that on average for every dollar you put in you can
expect only between 85 to 97 cents back.
You will loose eventually by the laws of diminishing returns.
But there are a few simple rules to ensure that you loose less, play
for longer and have a far better chance of winning a higher
percentage of games. And here is the key we are going for
percentage increase.

First let us establish some simple facts and truths.

1) Playing 10 lines is the same as playing one line 10 times
2) If you get a five of a kind Major Jackot say five Kings on one
line that combination cannot exist at the same time on other lines.
3) Each spin of the reels is equal and random as far as chance is
4) Higher returns can be expected during a feature game.
5) The longer you play the greater the chances of getting more
feature games.
6) Playing with as low an amount as possible will keep you
playing longer.
7) Accept the above laws or forget the whole exercise.

Now these are hints as to the proven mathematical system.
I will now cover in more detail the method.



You will need some patience to see the results and proof of the system
over a period of time.


1) The first and major key is to never ever play more than one line at a time.
As soon as you add other lines the odds on those lines are less than on
single line. Remember if you win the Major Jackpot on one line that
combination cannot exist on other lines.
2) If you must use the same amount of money as when you use ten lines
then put that amount on the one line, say 10 cents on one line.
3) Yes you will see times whezzn you hit the button say twenty times for no
return but think about this. Three spins on ten lines with no return is the
same as 30 single line spines with no return.
4) If you hit three spins of ten lines you get three chances at a feature game.
If you play 30 spins at 1 cent you get 30 chances of a feature.
5) Whatever you win on one line will always be more than you bet. And think
about those wins as more chances to play longer.
6) 5 Kings will typically win 200 credits at 1 cent a bet or 200 extra spins at
1 cent per spin. 5 Kings won on 10 line spin will win 200 credits (or $2.00)
but only 20 spins more.
7) 5 Kings won on 10 cents per line will win 2,000 credits or $20.00 but again
it is better to bet lower amounts. The percentage won is the same.
8) Try and play only five reelers and keep to centre line it wins the most
especially on Aristocrat, Konami and AGT machines.


Here are some other truths worth considering.
Most folk only play pokies really to pass the time and occupy the mind
(Occupational therapy). The mind can be hypnotised by the game it is
absorbing. I find that about five dollars can last me about on average 3-4
hours at 1 cent a line. I still get the thrill when I win big and I do quite often
that being say $30.00. Over a year for the past 3-4 years I have not lost.
In 2002 cuz I made notes I won $347.00.
At the same time I use the clubs. I only play where there is free coffee and
or soft drinks. (Parramatta Leagues has hot chocolate and biscuits as well)
I am a Sydney Casino member I mean $10.00 parking very cheap meals
free hot and cold drinks as well in the centre of Sydney.
I quite like mathematics, I have spent many years studying poker machines
and making notes. I at the end of a session usually come out on top. Now
this might mean that if I start with $5.00 I end up with say $13.00. But this
is the same as starting out with $50.00 and coming out with $130.00
BUT I HAVE RISKED FAR LESS. Also I have spent a lot of time in air
conditioning, drinking free tea & coffee whilst enjoying cheap meals.


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