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updated 25th December 2010

CHRISTMAS 2010 at the Baileys, Ross Alison Boys Alec Hayden Kai with Terry & Marlene


Terry & His Mum Georgina Waltzing 1998
4 Generations Bailey, Gilbert, Smith Family Together 1998



For those with a Heart and Soul A Tribute to Women
Our Jokes are not like Your Jokes Intel Advertisement

The Markets that I attend each week over possibly 10 years consist of hardworking business folk

who try to earn a wage. Following are some glimpses of our lives at Penrith Markets & Fairfield Markets.

Penrith Markets NSW Setting up at the Start of our day. Every Wednesday Morning at Penrith Sydney Australia
Penrith Markets a Glimpse of our Services and Merchandise
Fairfield Markets NSW Setting up at the Start of our day. Every Saturday 8am -4pm fairfield NSW Australia
Fairfield Marketss a Glimpse of our Services and Merchandise. Lots of hard working folk and two resident Roosters

This Group is intended to raise ones conscientiousness, I make 'no Apoligies'

The Intelligence² Debate - Christopher Hitchens

UC Berkeley Event (1/6) - Richard Dawkins

It is hopes that the above will ignite a great thirst for more. Please go to You Tube to find more, comments welcome.


Again for those with a heart and a soul , Our Emotions in Motion.

William Pino & Alessandra Bucciarelli Dance Slow Foxtrot, Basic simple steps Demo William Pino & Alessandra Bucciarelli - 2006 - SlowFox Show


Marlene Bailey & Ian Tempest Foxtrot & waltz, Rooty Hill Ballroom dancers on her 50th Birthday Rooty Hill Ballroom dancers Heather Parsons Feathers & Foxtrot Don & Mary Gilbert Quickstep Ettalong Seniors new Years Dance. Marlenes Father at 83 still dancing.


The Wonderful Pale Blue Dot Carl Sagan Storm Tim Minchin


A Wonderful Man born with a gift, no limbs, please meet Nick Vuijicic and look up his other clips on YouTube. He will move you to tears and inspire.  



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