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Now is the time to bore you with some facts, I, that is me Free Thinker, devout practising Atheist and fully paid up non Selective Sceptic, was Born in Bristol England in the same year as the first Holden car was made 1948. Second son to Georgina & Raymond. Brother to Mac & Pauline. Bristol Also known for Frys chocolate, W D & H O Wills, Benny Hills favorite part of a ladies body and these items below. I attended Our Lady of the Rosary & St Thomas More Roman Catholic Schools. Lived in Lawrence Weston, served apprenticeship as Auto Electrician Cathedral Garage. Worked in Fairfax House and was Bouncer with David Prowse (Star Wars) at the Glen, Top Rank and New Bristol Center. I was a dancer on Kent Waltons "Disc's a Go Go".


To those interested I have started a wordy detailed illustrated document on my early life and family history. It can be read by clicking here for web document. I have now placed this  life story into .pdf format, looks a lot more betterer, for that click here for .pdf file without illustrations.

A New addition in this wonderful modern era is my Video Clip Page. Becoming to cumbersome to scater here and there on the site I have decided to place them onto my You Tube account. I also have added some of my Heart Warming favourites. These are perhaps an insight into my soul and what I believe repairs my faith in human beings. The Page found here or click below.


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Below is Pic of my Mother & Father taken on their honeymoon about 1946



My main love is still ballroom dancing, saddly this has now been torn from me and I no longer dance. It is too painfull to think about.my favorites being the Slow Foxtrot and the "Twilight Waltz". We used to be found at Rooty Hill RSL every Saturday Night, . Also for more info and stuff go to the Dancing Page and follow Links on the link page.

Favorite music would be any ballroom dance in all tempos, foxtrot, waltz ad latin rumba, cha cha. Oldies The Shadows, Neil Sedaka, Frankie Valley, Evis, Roy Orbison. Duan Eddy, early Beatles, Del Shannon, Jim Reeves, Sinatra I will add more when I think of them.

Favorite Foods, Liver and Bacon, the wife's 'chow mein', me mums gravy, condensed sweetened milk.

People from my past in case they drop in. Pat Berry (what happened Pat), Mike Higgins, John Riley, from School. From Lawrence Weston. Bridget Horan & Family just found you on Friends Reunited, Susan King my first girl friend , Roger Franklin, John Burden, Andrew McDonald, John Porter found again on FR, Tony Rothwell also just found on FR, Dave Bush, Dave Mathews all from Cathedral garage.




Above cute pic is me in 1948 

Below is a wonderful pic of the Concord coming home to Bristol. Flying low over the Clifton Suspension Bridge.








Those wanting more info on the Cit y & County of Bristol go to the Bristol page and also follow links on the link page.


Below is a treasured picture taken of a retirement presentation at Cathedral Garage aprox 1965/66.

I only remember a few names please send more if known.

Oh, here is another joy. I am heavily into Ebay and on personal note found this mint condition model 1954 K6 Bristol ,Bus,

I can see my Dad or Ron Pincent on the running board as conductors. No it aint for sale. The model is also 40 years old

yers the real thing, near Christmas Steps.

A few of my wisdom's.



I am currently reading a book (An Absence of Light) by Texan David Lindsey. Built into a character assessment of the main character is this assessment of that characters opinion of the human psyche. Wow! what a mouthful, but on with a direct reprint of his words that summaries my thoughts.

Marcus Graver had made a career of collecting other people's secrets. He had learned early on that most men were so complex a mixture of what was traditionally considered good and bad that to assign either value to any one individual was to commit a gross over-simplification. His personal philosophy about human nature had ranged all the way to the farthest margins of cynicism and back again, and now his own views were so bedeviled by disappointments and buoyed to hope by those rare, but inevitable acts of selflessness, that he no longer had a coherent philosophy at all. No one theory or doctrine seemed to him to contain a suitable explanation for the astounding diversity of behavior of which a single individual was capable.

Thank you Mr Lindsay, just change all the references to 'he' and 'his' to 'me, my or I'.


 It is not the sadness in the world that saddens me the most. Not the so called religious wars, torture, terrorism, rape, intolerance, inconsideration, brutality, over commercialism and so on that shocks and surprises and saddens me. It is the fact that I am no longer shocked and surprised to hear these things and that saddens me.

 Religions are an invention of humanity to allay the fear of death and its unknown. It offers eternity and continuation following death. I respect the wishes of those Christian folk who practice that which they preach of kindness and consideration. Unfortunately some religions preach that to assure one of eternity one must wreak havoc, mayhem and terror. From the crusades to modern terrorists. Sometimes forget religion just be nice.


The terrible deaths and maiming reported of late especially amongst our young drivers again does not saden me. The truth is society is to blame. Most people do not care about the road toll. This is evident because most people and I mean 90-95% of people do not care about road rules. They make their own. Take the most common rule to break, speeding. Most peoples think it is safe to speed when there is not a police man around. not that it might be dangerous. Bit like why do you put your child in a safety belt, answer, "because if you do not you could get a $250.00 dollar fine"

Peoples attitude is all wrong. They say that young drivers should be educated. Their best teachers are their parents and these young folk have grown up being driven in cars buy speeding parents. Radio stations warn of speed cameras and Radar Police traps. They never worry me. On the rear of Telsra vehicles is a sign saying 'Telstra Values safe Driving' and a phone number. I can never keep up with any Telstra vehicle. One day phoned in 18 rego numbers... nothing happened. Whilst on the M4 and other motorways and roads 90% of cars pass me. This means that if treated as a survey over 90% of folk think it is ok. Well how much over the speed limit is safe 5, 10, 15, 20 or more Klms. Young man  killed recently at 140 in 80 zone. Another stupid bunch of flowers taped to phone pole. At least they did not kill another family. We have limits for reasons, it takes skill and concentration to be vigilant and keep to them. I will be beaten to a pulp one day when I slow to 40 Klms from 80 Klms in a school zone near here. The abuse I get from all drivers (dozens) who over take and nearly run into each other to get past me. Driving to Gosford to see the inlaws, whilst passing the ever present roadworks in the '40' zone about 99% of drivers pass me. Every time, I just cannot get myself to join them....

On TV a short while ago was an Advertisement asking parents to teach their children to drive safely... that is a joke. I have seen the following people over the years speeding past me. Off duty Police, Fire, ambulance ( I see thier uniforms) nurses, priests, (Try catch exclusive brethren in a VW) and radio, TV and other media still go on about revenue raising.
The best plan for speed control is to say mark cars like mine with stickers saying 'SPEED PACE CAR'. This means that if any car passes it they must be speeding. Perhaps RTA should look at a plan like that.

Why not at Radio Stations like '2ue' or 2gb or the NRMA start a program like this. if you are really seriouse about the road situation. Get stickers made with something like '2ue Supports responcible drivers'. Do not pussyfoot about with it say something along the lines of, do not obey road rules because if not you will get a fine. Say, this driver follows the rules and courtesies of the road because, IT IS BLOODY DANGERIOUS AND STUPID AND IDIOTIC AND ANTI SOCIAL NOT TO.  Get the RTA and even the NRMA involved.

Roundabouts, you do not have to do a university course for 6 months to understand a basic rule. But 80% or more brain dead people cannot indicate left when leaving the roundabout. On a roundabout near here I am trying to get on but all the traffic are still indicating that they are going all the way round about in front of me, only to exit the same road that I am coming from. So if I ignore their indication and come out that is when a get a horn blown at me when someone is actually coming round. Is it that they have forgotten how to work the little winkey winkey leaver. Or to cancel it they would have to grab the car manual from the glove box look up the index and follow the instructions......
Mobile Phone Users. Especially Women. It is illegal to use a phone whilst driving because it IS BLOODY DANGERIOUS TO DO SO. Once again the attituDe of people is totally wrong and so to the authorities. When is it safe to use a mobile phone whilst driving ... answer when the are no police around. When is it safe to speed ... when there are no police or speed camera,s ... when is it safe to drink and drive .. when there are no breath testing.... and on and on. Why do you put your child in a child safety seat because you might get a $180.00 FINE IF CAUGHT WITHOUT... Once again bloody (%#2&9*0 stupid people.

The speed camera warning signs are the biggest insult to intelligence known. On the M4 at Wentworthville all the speeding traffice slow down for the cameras to a speed less than what I am doing and hold me up. Only to place the peddle to the floor when past it.
, let us start a revolution, I am sure I and you cannot be the only ones out there.



I Object highly to those people who object to the fact that I object to them behaving Objectionably.


My third most pleasurable pastime





I am ashamed to say that for some illogical reason I have avoided female authors. Yes I had a few disappointing experiances.
Well can I now add these Ladies to my admired list. Patricia Cornwell, Karin Slaughter & Kathy Reichs. Martina Cole

The above fantastic minds have introduced me to the characters they invented and now seem so real. To anyone reading this please do yourself a favour and say hello to Lee Childs 'Jack Reacher' and Michael Connelly's 'Harry Bosch', and Jonathan Kellermans 'Alex Delaware', and James Patterson main trio of ' Alex Cross', Linsay Boxer' and 'Michael Bennett'

Perhaps my all time favorite Book is Michael Connelly's "The Brass Verdict"

These Authors web sites are below,








To start another list of intreguing minds who publish, think, reason and stimulate I start with

Professor Richard Dawkins, Author of "The God Delusion" (thanks to Magaret & John)

Yet another mind to follow is Daniel Dennett.

Again thanks to J&M can I add the name Christopher Hitchens author of "God is not Great".
Video clips of these two fine orators are to be found here on my Video Page





Atheism must be Devout


As so many people claim that they believe in a god without any proof that one exists. A person that claims to be an Atheist must be able to spout some of the overwhelming evidence that gods and all religions are based on myths. I state that I am a devout practising Atheist. This means that I study and follow the preachings yes the preachings of, Professor Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Danial Dennett, Jonathan Miller, Carl Sagen and many many others. I also allow my mind not to blindly follow their thoughts but to evaluate that said. I salute these mentors for their studies painstaking research and dedication so that we may be enlightened and shown the light. Though they be far more educated than I, I have been created with a brain with the same capacity as theirs. It has been gifted with the power of reason, a privilige I WILL not waste. Scouts honour..... Nor will my sceptisism ever be selective.

The Non Selective Sceptic





Things that annoy the hell out of me.

I will not suffer fools and lazy minds, people who do not state that they "do not understand the question". If you do not know then it is your quest to find out, that, is part of evolution.

The abundance of Tattoo's. The human body is a beautiful thing. A young woman has in my opinion perhaps the most beautiful form on this planet.Of late I see more and more with this ugly disfigurement. Also they put bits of ugly wire through their nose lips and other parts. Young men are also doing the same thing covering their bodies with ugly patterns.

Bikers these stupid infantile brain dead my gang is better than your gang evil senseless dangerous twerps. All they are interested is keeping there sperm count up, posturing and engaging in testosterone highs

Why must we have another brain dead person usually female bouncy perpetually cheeses grinning twit to read the weather. They feel that they must read a weather report as though it is so funny they are constantly having to suppress hysteria. This also applies to some women in radio and TV ads. They read the script again as if suppressing hysteria.

AND these advertisements for women's products. They paint females as such self absorbed brain dead folk. Each week they bring out a new shampoo or face cream that makes the one they advertised last week as being the ultimate product for complexion or hair conditioner that cannot be bettered. This week the product is far superior as it has consentrated, clinically tested Re hydrated Yaks pee.

The same goes for all of the soap powder. 20-30-40 years ago Omo gave you a wash that was totally stain free with whites that where whiter than white and colours that where brighter than bright. So how is it that now these products are better that ever....

Like the Harvey Norman adds that have the same sale on each week for the same stuff that was on sale last week at the same price as it has been for and on each weekend for the past year... must end Monday...


Power Bands for the Criminally Stupid

Power balance band

It is amazing how many of the rip off Power Band bracelets I see sold at my markets. Snake oil medicine for the 21st century. When questioning the sellers they say silly things like " well they must work because we sell a lot of them". This just means to me that there are an awful lot of stupid folk out there. At time as I often say it is so tiring and lonely being elitist. Another item for the criminally stupid or at the very least the clinically proven naive. I have now as can be seen made my own Power Band 'marked genuine' that passes all of the balance and strength tests required by other bands. There is also a "Placebo Power Band" available that sell for $2 (black sold out all ready) for that see many other sceptics blogs

Power Band Placebo Genuine Power Band in Brown



Australian Troops under Investigation,

There seems to be a lot of hysterical chatter and complaining about the treatment of our soldiers overseas. There has been an accusation of misconduct and actions taken contrary to laws of engagement. A Court Martial has been mentioned. It must be remembered that we Australians and for that matter  British and Americans operate under the strictest moral codes in warfare, remember the Geneva Convention. That means that we must monitor our standards and investigate any breach of these standards. If our boys are innocent then hopefully it will be proven. How can we criticise  the likes of the rebel Taliban etc and the terrible things that they do and then seem to allow or condone any errors no matter how justified on our  part.
Praise must be forthcoming for the job that our service folk perform in terrible situations. They are upholding standards we hold pure.




The Qlink Mini employs patented Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT) which can maintain the strength of naturally occurring protective energy systems within our bodies.

Ref the Above: I did see a man wearing two Power Bands on the same wrist, well as I said it is common knowledge and a clinically proven fact that this will cause a self cancelling apposing harmonic and standing wave. If one wants the benefits of wearing two Power Bands (genuine only, watch out for the copies that do not work and are a rip off) they must be worn on each wrist. This as you have seen in the Lab test ( fastened to one front and one rear paw (opposite sides) of the dog) produces not double the power but 2.3147 times the benefit or close to pie no sauce.

WTF has this to do with preventing the millions of folk dropping dead from using their mobile phones. Well it has been discovered that wearing two power bands on one wrist causes a Dopler Shift like effect (Named after the famed lead Guitarist Mark Dopler). This cancels out your incoming signal all together so rendering this lethal device inoperative and harmless.

This then solves this problem but revisits the original in opposing harmonics. If you soak you power band in Goji juice you get a sine wave divided by the reciprocal of a cleric so neutralising the Juice. You may pass this on to others in Quandary or other West Australian country towns. Comments to my Blog



Here we go again. Are most people completely stupid. We have road rules to deter potentially killer people who ignore the safety rules of the road. We must have road rules you idiots because most cannot be trusted to drive safely. Also because at time you are not aware of difficult unseen circumstances like adverse cambers etc. Many twerps say oh come on you could easy do 80 in this 60 area. Well you might you idiot but some could not. perhaps there car is not able to do so or their driving skill not be up to the mark. So in all cases we must cater for the lowest common denominator.

To all drive at the same speed on a stretch of road is safe. To have cars all doing different speeds is kayos and potentially dangerous. On TV tonight the same old revenue raising arguments against cameras. Once again speed cameras do not worry me, why because I observe where possible all posted speed limits. There is absolutely no intelligent reason to break them. We must never ever decide which particular rules we obey and those not to. Te hear the continual argument that the only deterrent to speed is a marked police car. Who is going to pay for the 10's of thousands of additional police to monitor our roads. Or, have you considered this stupid statement. When is it OK to break a road safety rule? When there is not a policeman around. Now how stupid is that. I see these comments all the time on "A current Affair" and "Today Tonight" not to mention endless reports on the morning programs. Then we have the likes of 2GB stars and 2UE all condemning speed cameras. As I have said before on my web page. We deserve the carnage on out roads because of the killers, speeding, going through red lights, doing U Turns on Lights, overtaking on double white lines, using bloody mobile phones whilst driving, not keeping left and lots more. You people make me sick every time I see another so called accident (an unforeseeable unpreventable incident) and its inevitable bunch of flowers taped to a pole or post.

I recently heard Tim Webster make a comment that is both very disappointing and dangerous. He commented in a very derogatory way that he hates to hear the 'namby pamby people say that 'if you obey the speed limits you will not get fined'. Well Mr Webster it takes skill and intelligence to keep to the road rules no matter how hard it is to do so at times. I can think of no reason at all for any intelligent reasoning person to decide which road legal and safety rules one should keep to or not.


Again it is so lonely being elitist  Comments to my Blog




Terry's Dictionary

Bozone (n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas & common sense from penetrating. The bozone unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future.

Cashtration (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financiall y impotent for an indefinite period.

Sarchasm (n): The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it.

Inoculatte (v): To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.

Hipatitis (n): Terminal coolness.

Osteopornosis (n): A degenerate disease.

Karmageddon (n): It's like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth explodes and it's like, a serious bummer.

Decafalon (n.): The grueling event of getting through the day consuming only things that are good for you.

Glibido (v): All talk and no action.

Dopeler effect (n): The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come very quickly.

Arachnoleptic fit (n.): The frantic dance performed just after you've accidentally walked through a spider web.

Beel zebug (n.): Satan in the form of a mosquito that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out.

Caterpallor (n.): The color you turn after finding half a grub in the fruit you're eating.

And finally, This whole web site has taken a lot of work over many years. I run a very busy business, often taking 12-14 hours a day 6-7 days a week. Still I find some spare time to add a little more and update this and that. I have asked over the years of many folk for information and items to enhance the site. Out of the dozens who promised only one or two have come through. I deem my family as important to me that includes extended family. I am not a wizard on computers I have just taken the time to read the books. People keep saying I have not got time I have been busy. This is a cop out to be polite but really just crap. I believe in the saying "is there anything I could be doing at the moment that is more productive or beneficial than what I am doing now. I now watch only 60 mins tops TV a night. News and antiques road show(whilst eating). I have heard many times folk say. There is nothing on the TV tonight but they still sit there and stare at the mindless repetitive crap night after night. I taught computing (basic) to classes of 30 for free. A 9 week course. I put in preparation 2 hours a week. At the end of each session I would give a little simple homework take minimum 10 minutes. Next week I could see 90% had not done it. When asked they said "too busy bin flat out". I prepared notes, they took notes and no one believe me reads notes. So do not bother just practice.... So, I and the rest of the family my cousins etc will only be around for a short while longer. I have built this site not only about us but those who came before, once forgotten now remembered. I think that Edwin Blanchard is as important as my beloved Mum, Uncle Jack Percy and Babs. What a shame if all we knew and loved Blaise Castle, Condensed milk, Salt in Smiths crisp packs, Bill and Ben were all forgotten. Has anyone bothered to download the pdf files from the family tree page. How many have looked at them, or printed them. Do the family a favor. Do that, print them and give them to your youngest Grandchild and say.... we were therefore you are.... if anyone has any more history snippets, or family photos dig em out ask around all help appreciated. By the way the programs below are no longer on TV. Gone like me dancing...



Now this is a recent thought. This is a list of folk I would welcome into my room. What do we do in the room, we just sit and chat and giggle and
share thoughts like those included above. They have intelligence, contributory humor, a sense of the ridiculous, able to express thoughts, able to take critisism and take on new ideas.
Here they are.

Clive James, Clive Robertson, Billy Connelly, John & Margaret McAlpine, my dear friend Phill, the late Dave Thomas, the late Bob Roberts, David Attenborough, James from Fairfield Markets, Professor Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Don Burke Australias Gardening Guru.
More to come.

I have now started a blog where visitors may comment about items on this page or all of our Family Site.
You may visit the Blog Page by Clicking Here


These are my favorite comedians Eric Morcombe & Ernie Wise. Sadly both now gone. We will always remember Eric's immortal lines. "I come from Julius and Caesar ruler of all the known Universe and certain parts of Birkenhead, I'm sorry I'm late but they gave me a cross eyed camel and I ended up in Cairo". Thanks for the laughter lads.

I have just become smitten with this fine series.
A very well done to Julian Fellows for writing
this wonderful script. He like all of my authors
show a wonderful insight into human nature.
Congratulations to the cast and production
folk who again prove that the poms can still
produce wonderfull 'stuff'
Downton Abbey Just Moments in Time

In later years Frasier has become my favorite comedy. Very well written, clever, caring, consistent and sometimes with a deep message.

I must be on my 4th re-run.



I love beautiful things, a little bird, a young child, the computer chip, a sunset, a snowflake, Nissan Dorma, a foxtrot, a daisy and a beautiful woman here are four of my favorites.



Being a traditional male I fully appreciate the wonderful ladies. Here are some fine examples.

Shinia Twain above, Boy do"I feel like a woman"as well?

I cannot resist the placement of this pic onto my page. Miss Jennifer Hawkins wonderful from any angle and proudly Australian

  When I was about 12 or 13 this picture of Bridget Bardot haunted me. . I believe she would have been about 20 at the time. I found it on the net a short time ago and cherish it.

 I must mention here that the one face that still effects me in a most wonderful way is below...scroll down.